best fishing lures for trout

Best Fishing Lures For Trout

A small spinner can be cast into a pool of freshly-stocked trout on Opening Day and catch a few fish. If you prefer to catch trout reliably — and even catch a few trophy fish—then it’s time you got serious about your bait selection.

Check out our round up of the 12 Best Fishing Lures For Trout of all time.


Top 12 Best Fishing Lures For Trout


1. Rebel Wee-Craw



Formed to resemble a crawfish stalking along the bottom, this 2-inch crankbait reaches 5-7 feet in length. With its deep bill and bulging claws that face aft, the Wee Craw provides an exceptionally realistic appearance.

2. Berkley Gulp! Trout Worm


Berkley’s new buoyant worm provides a great finesse presentation. Packed with natural Gulp! scent, the Trout Worm suspends off the bottom when fitted with a light wire hook. Good choice for float or drop shots.

3. Lindy Fuzz-E Grub



Trout like this grub’s soft-plastic body with its lifelike appearance and tantalizing marabou tail that enhances the presentation. This, along with a two-color painted eye on the jig head prompts strikes and holds fish longer for larger hooks.

4. Smithwick Rattlin’ Rogue


Great for trout over 12 ounces, the Rogue offers all-around action and flash, along with being able to sit motionless, which is a hit-triggering tactic. This bait’s nearly neutral buoyancy allows it to hold its position during pauses and dart away with the next twitch. Equipped with internal noisemakers, this Rogue is a solid choice for cold or clear waters.

5. Rebel Tracdown Minnow




The Tracdown sinking version of the Rebel Minnow enables you to reach trout deeper in the water column. Made for moving water, its straight track facilitates targeted presentations.

6. Strike King Bitsy Minnow


Fished on light line, the enticing action and reflective eye make this little crankbait appealing to fish, while easy to use makes it an ideal choice for beginners and kids.

7. Luhr-Jensen Hus Lure




Hus Lure’s narrow profile and compact design cast like a bullet and cut through surface current quickly to reach big-fish depths. An erratic minnow-like action produces strikes with minimal angler-driven action. Swift currents will work the Hus Lure for you as it flutters back into the current. However, in lighter currents, slight rod movements snap the lure forward so it can also flutter back into the current.

8. Rapala Count Down


With a consistent sink rate of one foot per second, the angler can target specific depths regardless of whether fish are suspended, in weed tops or holding on bottom structures. This inch-long, 1/16-ounce CD01 lure runs 1-3 feet and carries a single No. 12 treble.

9. Blue Fox Vibrax


With a 60° shallow depth blade, this detailed spinner runs from the surface to about two feet, making it a good choice for shallow settings. There is a laser holographic finish to the die cast and chrome plated body, and it envelops the listener with sonic waves. There is a slight vibration when the interior section strikes the outer bell. The treble hook is dressed in calf tail and tinsel for added visual appeal and enhanced profile.


10. Mepps Comet Mino (Size #1)


While the soft plastic minnow’s erratic swimming motion and hand painted finish imitate an injured baitfish, the flash and vibration of a Mepps spinner bring attention to the presentation.

11. Mepps Little Wolf (Size 1/4)


Silver plating and a reverse curve design produce intense flashing from this sturdy little spoon. Balanced so it wobbles from side to side over a range of retrieval speeds, the spoon maintains its action when paused for an active fall. Perfect for 2- to 4-pound line and ultralight spinning tackle, the Little Wolf is a perfect way to introduce kids to the sport.


12. Mr. Twister Micro Crawfish


A micro version of the popular Mr. Twister produces an irresistible meal for trout hopping on stream rocks. Rig this soft plastic jig on a 1/64-ounce jighead and swish it like a real crustacean.


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