Best Fish Finders GPS For The Money

Do you want to learn how to take your fishing venture to the next level? A best fish finder GPS for the money with the good features is your answer!

But wait, there’s more, all fish finders can be improved by adding a GPS.



Wouldn’t it be great if you could navigate whatever body of water you are on as well as find where to fish more efficiently and quickly, best fish finders GPS combo for the money will help you do so.

If you are struggling with what best depth finder gps combo for the money to find with great features such as a transducer which helps in sending out sound waves and even figures out what’s beneath the boat, a good display of an underwater fishing camera, frequency, the cone angle.


Moreover features like if it’s portable or fixed and an integrated GPS help you in making the right decision.

GPS, or Global Positioning Systems, are of great help on roads as well as water.

The mapping software lets you explore different places; these are combination units that are able to do both chart plotting as well as depth sounding which allows for ease in entering different waypoints.


Furthermore, it marks down launch ramps, fish and even structures

Don’t worry as we’ve assembled all the details necessary in choosing the best boat gps depth finder for the money for you and we bring forward a list of products that we recommend along with reviews to help make your choice easy.

Here’s a list of 3 best picks according to us:


1- Lowrance Hook 2-5 Fish Finder


Lowrance Hook 2-5 Fish Finder


Are you looking for something that is easy to use but also works great and is handy? Then look no further as we’ve found just the right product for you.

Not only is it user-friendly but also has all the basic features that you need such as SideScan sonar, to CHIRP sonar views, Down Scan sonar as well as detailed preloaded maps which is all one can hope for in a product.

But wait! There’s more to it, Hook2 is even included with GPS, and if needed, the maps are even upgradeable.
The size of the device varies with options for 5”, 7” or 9”.

The 5-inch size, being just the right amount of small is the easiest to use as the phone like menus would give you more time fishing and less time worrying about the settings.


It even has wider sonar coverage and is relatively easy to set up.The sizes 7” and 9” however, provide better sonar coverage than the 5” inch.


But before buying any unit we encourage you to look into the pros and cons of the unit so let’s get right into it.

Firstly we’ll be discussing the pros of getting this unit which includes being affordable; the 5” inch is approximate.

Moreover, it weighs about 3.68 pounds and the dimensions range from 9 inches to 7.5 or 7.13 inches.
Let’s discuss the GPS which provides basic navigation that allows you to add waypoints and follow trails.


A few drawbacks include no updates via a wireless connection and the cable is short too.


  • HOOK2 offers affordable SideScan and DownScan imaging in both big and small screen sizes. The HOOK2 12 TripleShot is the only budget minded 12 inch unit available today.
  • TripleShot 3-in-1 transducer has everything built in, no extra modules required. Just plug and play.
  • Auto-tuning sonar settings make getting clear sonar easy. This is a great feature for technology newbies.
  • The SolarMAX displays are bright, and easily viewed on the water in the glaring sunlight, and with polarized sunglasses.
  • The HOOK2 has easily customizable views for your homepage, as well as one button click access to the most common settings.
  • No networking or touchscreens, but that’s not the point of the HOOK2 series. You’ll have to move up to an Elite-Ti or an HDS Carbon to gain touchscreen and networking.
  • Only one MicroSD card slot. That means if you like saving screenshots or Sonar logs, you’ll be doing a lot of swapping to get them out of the unit. MicroSD slots are notorious for being difficult to remove and insert.



2- Humminbird Helix 5 SI/GPS Combo


Humminbird Helix 5 GPS Combo


So here’s the second unit which we thought would fit perfectly in this list, such as a moderately sized 5” screen as well as 3 sonar types which are Down Imaging, Dual Beam and Side Beam respectively.

Not to mention a transducer with amazing temperature control which makes all aspects of imaging a breeze. Guess what? Every finned friend would be found easily.

Not only all this, but it is also able to screenshot and record the sonar and is even an extremely useful feature when it comes to reviewing the footage at a later date.

It costs about $458 which is a pretty reasonable price.

Now without any delay lets dig right into the pros that you’ll be enjoying if you invest in this product.

Firstly, it has one of the best depth sounders, fish finders, and GPS systems.

What if you could get the most innovative and cutting edge technology? We recommend you get this product in order to reap all the benefits it offers, including the device being IPX7 waterproof and a display that has an LED backlight.


It provides great visibility even in direct sunlight and at night.


Furthermore, it has a GPS built-in, NMEA 0183 support as well as a MicroSD card slot, upgradable internal software, which is extremely easy to install and includes a gimbal mount.

However there are a few cons too as it’s only limited to 100 feet depth capability for SI/DI sonar, it doesn’t have an Auto Chart Live and not even an active support for Smart Strike cards.


The GPS is 5 Hz, Internal and the power output of the unit is 500 Watts (RMS) and the power input, 10.8-20 VDC.


  • DualBeam Plus sonar with SwitchFire;
  • Side Imaging and Down Imaging;
  • Powerful transducer (XNT 9 SI 180 T), CHIRP capable and temperature capable, with transom mount;
  • Depth capability up to 1,500 ft with the included transducer;
  • Multiple sonar functions available, such as RTS, Bottom Lock, Selective Fish ID+, Alarms etc;
  • Sonar Recording and Screen Snapshot functions;
  • 5 Hz GPS capable of using MSAS, EGNOS and WAAS satellites;
  • UniMap charts included;
  • Compatible with Navionics Gold and HotMaps, and LakeMaster charts;
  • Trackplotting, routes and waypoints functions;
  • 800 x 480 resolution, 256-color, with LED backlight, providing clear images, easy to read even in direct sunlight;
  • IPX7 waterproof;
  • NMEA 0183 support;
  • MicroSD card slot;
  • Upgradable internal software;
  • Gimbal mount included;
  • Fairly easy to install.
  • Does not support SmartStrike cards;
  • AutoChart Live not included;
  • Only 100 ft depth capability for SI/DI sonar.


3- Garmin Striker Plus 4 With Dual-beam


Garmin Striker Plus 4 with Dual-beam


If you’re trying to find a small fish finder unit then this model is just perfect for you as it’s great for small boats or kayaks and great service is provided at a reasonable price.

As if that’s not enough, the 4.3-inch display helps with quality imagery with different screen modes.

It helps in showing both sonar and GPS/maps.

The best part is that it is a portable fish finder, enabling you to carry it. Furthermore, it has a GPS built-in along with powerful depth capabilities and even though it’s small, the GPS speed is a bonus and even has a High-sensitivity GPS.

And why wouldn’t you want a unit that’s compact and small but also has great features to make your fishing memorable experience.

The dual-beam transducer even includes a temperature sensor with multiple mounts included.
It is IPX7 waterproof as well as has Quickdraw contours. A few cons of getting this unit include not coming with a cover as well as no NMEA port.

The best quality about this product is that it has a GPS which is highly accurate and would accompany you as a great friend for your kayak. 


  • Large display of 4.3 inches
  • Includes GPS navigation system
  • Garmin Quickdraw Contours Mapping
  • Made from rugged materials making it usable in every condition
  • Built-in dual beam transducer for high definition images
  • There is no cover included with the package
  • Doesn’t come with an NMEA port


Final Words:

These were the fish finders with GPS systems that we recommend after analyzing every aspect from the affordable price ranges to great features that’ll help create your fishing experience.

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