Best Fish Finders For Salt Water

It’s extremely stressful to use the best fish finder for saltwater as people usually think that it doesn’t help much, I would however not agree with it as after detailed research.

I’ve listed a bunch of fish finders which will help to point the right direction and catch some fish on any given day.


These fish finders are considered best for shallow water as these provide great fish and bottom structure as well.

How about you could find fish finders that‟ll help you get a big catch as well as works well with shallow water? We could help you in finding these fish finders.


These have high-frequency sonars in ranges like 200kHz, 455kHz or 800kHz work really well in shallow water. But none of it will guarantee success in shallow water as that‟s not how fishing works, making it a really fun challenge.

Now let‟s get into discussing all the relevant features that you should look for when searching to purchase a fish finder for your boat.


The features that we encourage to look for in a fish finder, however, include a high-frequency sonar as it clearly means higher resolution and also enables us where to position the boat over the fish.

It also has a good display screen resolution as it helps in finding the fish accurately.



And a side imaging/down imaging radar as it enables us to map the bottom of a body of water quickly and gives out a 3D view to judge the structure‟s location that‟s beneath the water, better.

It helps cover area and shoots at a sideward angle along both sides of the boat and helps to compensate for the higher resolution sonar which fails to cover a lot of areas.


Here’s a list of the best fish finders that we think will prove to be your great friend while fishing in saltwater:


1. Garmin 010-01809-00 7SV



The first one on our list of best fish finders for saltwater is Garmin 010-01809-00 7SV as it has a WVGA display color 7” diagonal, and a bonus feature which is a waypoint map to track your favorite fishing locations.

It includes features such as CHIRP ClearVu and Garmin CHIRP SideVu technology in a large 7” diagonal screen which helps give a clear view of what‟s around and beneath the boat.

Furthermore, it comes with a smooth scaling software that transitions between the depths and will help you find the spots hidden in shallow waters.

Moreover, the GPS system lets you save your favorite fishing areas and provides an ability to map! Isn’t it great?

Moreover tracking your tolling speed is a bonus. And who wouldn’t want to invest in a fish finder which is extremely easy to use, is a high-featured fish finder, has a bright and clear display as well as has a precision GPS locating?


  • Very easy to install on your transom or trolling motor
  • Crisp, easy-to-see display
  • Built-in GPS with customizable, user-defined waypoints
  • Includes traditional, CHIRP and scanning sonar capabilities for a variety of underwater views
  • Intuitive user interface makes the STRIKER 7sv easy to use
  • The STRIKER 7sv does not have chart-plotting capabilities



2. Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro with US Navionics:



The best part about this fish finder that differentiates it from other fish finders is the “US Navionics” which means that you’ll have an SD card with map data for all coastal waters and hundreds of lakes.

Furthermore, the CHIRP DownVision would give you a clear-photo like sonar images as well as excellent deep-water performance that to 600 feet.

Even though you‟ll have to pay extra but trust me on this it‟s going to be a great investment for future.

Moreover it even includes the Spectrum CHIRTechnology providing image structure and details, a built-in GPS with Navionics+. LCD display for sharper contrast and brighter colours and a Wi-Fi for smartphone connection.


You are at a really greater chance to benefit from this product as it is really easy to use, offers a clear image however the only drawback is the mounting bracket cost which will be a sensible choice if you think through the decision.



  • Dual channel sonar
  • Temp capable CHIRP transducer
  • Wi-Fi enabled + microSD slot
  • 72-channel GPS/GLONASS module
  • US Navionics+ charts + compatible with numerous other packages
  • No sonar recording apart from the Wi-Fish app
  • No NMEA ports



3. Humminbird 410210-1 HELIX 5 G2



It is considered to be one of the best shallow-water fish finders.

It is due to a reason, so let‟s dig right into discussing the various features that make it remarkable, such as Dual-CHIRP sonar that will help locate fish.

Furthermore one of the important features of this fish finder is the high-resolution display which is backlit for easy daytime viewing.

Moreover, GPS navigational aid can safely navigate your boat around especially when you’re unfamiliar with the areas nearby along with offering you to even waypoint your favorite fishing spots.


There are lots of benefits if you purchase this product such as an 800H x 480V color display and a Dual channel „CHIRP‟ sonar. Also, the built-in GPS navigation system is a bonus.
  • LED backlight and great image quality, which makes it easy to see the display in any weather conditions.
  • You can scan large areas quickly or view detailed images of the bottom with the DualBeam PLUS Sonar.
  • The down-imaging scanning sonar provides nearly photo-quality images of structure and cover in the water.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface means you’ll spend more time fishing and less time navigating various screens.
  • SwitchFire Display allows you to customize the display to provide the type of information you want.
  • This fish finder does not provide chart-plotting functionality



4. Lowrance Hook-5 Coastal Nautic



The Lowrance Hook 5 is a combination of high precision GPS and CHIRP sonar.

It allows you to make custom using the Genesis mapping function as well as save some of your favourite fishing spots.

And who wouldn’t want a fish finder that has a DownScan Overlay system that overlays multiple sets of down scan data to help in seeing the fish targets.

The Hybrid Dual Imaging helps enhance the images. Now coming to the benefits of it, which are the personalized maps, the GPS with large waterway data set as well as clear DownScan imagery that makes this product stand out amongst others.

But there is a drawback such as a screen being dim for bright days.


  • 5-inch screen
  • The hook 5 lowrance has powerful 2D CHIRP Sonar
  • Downscan imaging for a crystal-clear view
  • Sharp, 800×480 resolution
  • 16-bit color TFT
  • Sonar Recording
  • Multi-Window Display
  • GPS Alarms
  • Easy to install
  • Cheap
  • The base map of this unit offers minimal detail
  • It may take a while to learn how to use it and install.
  • No unit cover available


Final Words

Lastly, I’d like to mention that after detailed research and analysis we came across these fish finders which were a great fit for your boat in saltwater as these consisted of all the qualities that would’ve been required according to us.

Making the right choice while searching for a good fish finder is extremely important as it becomes an important factor regarding the catch therefore a correct decision can help to make your fishing experience a memorable one.

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