Best Fish Finder For Walleye

Looking to get yourself a Best Fish Finder For Walleye or for someone who is a fishing enthusiast, a successful trip to the lake is when you’ve collected your ideal and enough fish to last for quite a while.

However, it became quite a hassle for the fisherman to achieve that goal and be content with the amount of fish they caught.

Gone are the days when you would try your luck in the waters every other day and wait for the perfect fish to fall into your trap.

Thanks to the advancement in the technology and this man’s godliest creation which we call a fish finder which has enabled everyone to return from the waters happy and content.

Fish finders are basically a device that boatmen can use to locate their desired fishes from the water. One can locate any fish in the waters, however, in this article we have talked about fish finders for walleye.

The fish finders will display the location of walleye on the digital screen which can either be LCD, CRT etc.

With the competition growing rapidly in the market, it’s hard to get your hands on the product that’s the best out there and at the same time, convenient to use as well.

To aid you in that process, we have enlisted some of our top picked fish finders for walleye with their reviews that can help you get an insight on the specification of it.

  • Humminbird 410390-1 HELIX CHIRP GPS G3 FISH FINDER BLACK
  • Reelsonar wireless Bluetooth smart fish finder
  • Deeper pro+ smart sonar
  • Lucky handheld fish finder portable
  • Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 with Transducer, 3,5” GPS Fish finder with Chirp Traditional Transducer


Now moving onto the details of each of the product:





The latest modified hummingbird G3 comes with a 7-inch screen that is just the appropriate size for everyone. With a resolution of 800H x 480V makes it an even better candidate in the league!

With the unmatchable match of CHIRP sonar and down imaging detail, it will surely be worth every penny you spend on it.

Humminbird chirp is put together in the most easy to use way, only to aid you in seeing each and every individual fish, clearly identify lure and structure and reach the greater depth.

Just as you drive your boat, you can easily take a look at depth contour, the bottom stability and every structures and obstacles down there, with 8+ hours of built-in recording time.

Some more reasons why you should opt for this fish finder is:

  • Easy to read contours and highlighted depth contours
  • Consists of switch fire sonar with two display modes
  • Includes transducer and mounting hardware


2- Reelsonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder



The second on the list is the product that’s packed with features of all kinds that make it so worth every penny. Reelsonar comes with a rechargeable battery and an indicator light that constantly displays the status of the battery.

Coming to the sonar readings of this fish finder, which is as accurate as none other. It shows accurate readings till a depth of 135 inches.

Reelsonar also has a free iOS and android app that absolutely anyone can access. With fish and strike alarms, it makes itself useful for every professional as well as an amateur fisherman.

You can record your best catches, temperature, and your whole trip log and show it off to your friends with its optional social media share features!

On top of that, it is also compatible with google watch and iWatch. Some of the many more advantages of Reelsonar wireless Bluetooth smart fishfinder include:

  • Remarkable waterbed and structure contour mapping
  • 2 snap swivel connections
  • Displays lunar calendar and weather


3- Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar


It’s about time you level up your fishing game with this Deeper pro smart sonar. With GPS enables, and sync to your phones when connected to WiFi, this product is also one of a kind.

With a design better than ever, more power and more features, this will help you scan the waters like a pro!

Now you are free from the hassle of wires, batteries and you can now simpy install this within a span of a minute. It gives you the furthest cast, deepest scans and make your fishing worthwhile!

Pros include:

  • Can be used for shore, boat and ice fishing
  • Dual beam (15 scans per second)
  • No cables or batteries required

4- Lucky Handheld Fish Finder Portable



This product stands out from the rest because this is specifically designed for the beginners. Considering how difficult it is to manage the settings, this is the most appropriate product for every type of fishing enthusiast.

Best thing about this lucky handheld fish finder is obviously the portability. It is fit for ice, kayak, shore as well as sea fishing.

Lucky fish finder will give you alerts upon finding fishes in a location. It completely analyzes the depth and the contour of the waters below your boat and enables you to give you the best possible display of it on its 2 inch ANTI-UV LCD display.

With the blue LED back lighting, it can help you find the fishes even at night  with absolutely no difficulty at all!

More of its pros include,

  • Can be used in different ways, i.e on ice, fixed on the kayak, or float on water surface
  • Compatible on various environments
  • Conveniently operable with a 4xAAA batteries


5- Garmin Striker 4 Transducer With Chirp



This product is perfect for any boatmen who travel because of the excellent mapping and navigation skills with the built-in GPS system in it. It enables you to plot the waypoint coordinates.

That’s not all, Garmin Striker Transducer gives you an insight of what’s really under your boat with its high-definition photographic images and a detailed representation of objects along with fishes etc.

Garmin also offers a keyboard interface which makes the operations even more easier. It’s available in quite a few sizes, 3.5 5 and 7 inch display so you can opt for one according to your likings.


  • Convenient keypad operations
  • Can be upgraded to high performance CHIRP with a GT8 or GT15 transducer
  • Maximum depth for freshwater 1600ft and 750 for salt water



To conclude it all, we have mentioned all the products that we can swear by to give you the time of the life on the waters. So wait no longer and choose a fish finder to hunt for that walleye now!

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