Latest Best Fish Finder For Crappie Review

Finding fishes can be an exhausting task and when it comes to crappie it’s harder than normal fishing as the best suitable time for crappie fishing is spring season when they hatch their eggs in particular parts of the lakes or rivers. The best gadget to get out of this hectic situation is Best Fish Finder For Crappie.-  

A few years ago when fish finders were not invented it was extremely hard for crappie fishers to locate fishes.

It was time taking task but now it has become much easier to locate spawning locations so that the fishers can grab more crappie fishes.



Depth crappie fish finders are modern gadgets installed with Sonar tracking, GPS system and many more features that will make your crappie fishing easier and much more productive.


There are multiple brands of crappie fish finders are available but we have compiled the best top brands to make your search painless.

Here are top picks best crappie fish finders that you should buy when you go to crappie fishing.

1) Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Crappie Fish Finder



This fish finder works best and is easy to carry when you go for crappie fishing on a kayak or small boat.

It has a wireless feature that works perfectly for both android and IOS. It has become much easier for new anglers to catch more fishes in the season.

Its Sonar system frequency has the capability to go deep down about 260ft. So the anglers trying to catch fishes on the corner of shore would have more chances to grab a bunch.


Deeper smart pro fishfinder also allows anglers to use the desired sensitivity beam (55 Degrees) broad and (15 Degrees narrow).


This fish finder also displays 3 color selection of weather forecasts when fishing for crappies.

It comes up with a rechargeable battery that lasts for 6 hours and has dependable wi-fi connectivity for kayaking and fish boating.

It has the ability to work much better under both fresh and saltwater


  • Compatible with any smartphones or tablets running iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.0 or later

  • It comes with a downloadable app. The app has other interesting features too like a solunar forecast calendar, fish notes, and weather predictions.

  • Wider connectivity coverage.

  • It weighs only 3.5 ounces with a 2.5 inches diameter. It is ideal for hole hopping.

  • Has a Boat Mode feature. This allows you to download free online maps.

  • A fast scanning rate of 15 scans per seconds

  • Has an ice fishing flasher. This lets you assess the water column beneath your hole.

  • Suits all styles of fishing (shore, ice, boat, kayak)

  • Operates on both freshwater and saltwater

  • Three color displays are available

  • History mode lets you review every scan and map you made

  • You can experience some interferences when others are using sonar in close proximity

  • Does not work well in rough water

  • You risk your smartphone from dropping into the water



2) Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro Crappie Fish Finder



These are programmable fish finding devices that display data and statistics on a bigger screen. With CHIRP down vision technology and shows standard photographic images.

Its mount transducer enhances its function of locating crappies even at 600 ft depth.

Its best portable design is best for pro and new anglers.

Its Sonar reports are easy to read on a wider screen, depending upon the model.

This Raymarine Dragonfly fish finder is available in 3 different sizes. 4inches, 5inches, and 7inches.

This especially used to track a bunch of crappies under salty and freshwater.

It’s considered to be one of the finest models due to its inclusion of the Navionics and its chart storage of 2000 lakes around whole Canada and the USA

It has wifi connectivity option and because of this feature, you can see charts and data on your smart android device and tablet.

It also has other features that include augmented reality and can be accessed through mobile devices with the best navigation and waypoint tracking.

Specifically, its photographic quality forces the anglers to go for this pro fishfinder.

  • Dual channel sonar

  • Temp capable CHIRP transducer

  • Wi-Fi enabled + microSD slot

  • 72-channel GPS/GLONASS module

  • US Navionics+ charts + compatible with numerous other packages

  • No sonar recording apart from the Wi-Fish app

  • No NMEA ports



3) Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Crappie Fish Finder



This bright LCD venterior fishfinder makes it easy to view stats with its scans feature.

This device is built-in with anti-U V LCD display with an LED backlight.

Spawning season is the best Jivan for finding crappies under water upto 328 feet the sensor has the capability to locate fishes up to 45° cover area death.

Its transducer is attached through 25 feet long cable with Aamir device. 

For the perfect results, the transducer should be floating in the water which detects the presence of crappies and boat speed should be lower.

The deeper the transducer the excellent wood the result be. And it’s best suitable for cold regions.

It makes it easy to find fishes in lakes, seas, and rivers due to its adjusted types of water body setting which anglers decide to choose.


It has a durable battery life which facilitates anglers to search more crappies.



  • Cheap

  • Quick setup

  • Simple to use

  • Limited features and settings

  • Some accuracy problems


4) Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV Crappie Fish Finder



If you are a pro angler or your time is important then you should go with this fish finder because it detects crappies without wasting your much time.

Its DV CHIRP sonar down vision Technology sends a high-quality image that reflects the environment in the water.

The best thing about it is that it has a much wider screen that performs at its best under Sunny conditions without vision hindrance.

It also has the option to adjust underwater settings depend upon seas, lakes or rivers.

This fish finder is mostly liked by anglers because of its socket and ball mount which is flexible and suits angler position while searching for crappies.

It also has 4-way control button which allows easy navigation volume and zoom control.

With the help of these features, anglers can watch battery power, depth temperature, presence of weeds and underwater conditions.

With these all over combined features, it shows the best result under salt and freshwater.



  • It’s easy to mount and you can use aftermarket mounting options if you wish.

  • The display is very bright and clear, and durable as well.

  • CHIRP technology is very effective in finding fish and other underwater details.

  • The GPS works well and updates quickly.

  • The screen is somewhat polarized, so it may not be easy to read when you’re wearing polarized sunglasses.

  • The user interface should be more intuitive.



Final Words

When buying crappie fish finder online, you can make your decision easier which fish finder suits for the exact kind of fish-catching activity you prefer.

Some anglers like to use float tubes, some prefer to land crappies from their kayaks and some anglers prefer offshore locations to catch crappies.

I personally recommend you to have a best crappie fishfinder 2020 which offers all the features because now or later you might go for fishing in deep water and it also reduces your fish-catching efforts


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