Best Fish Finder For Catfish

When you take out your boat, a big catch is usually the goal and to assist you in achieving that set goal, a best fish finder for catfish is an important tool for it helps to drop a line in the best place while also providing a graphic view at anything beneath the boat simultaneously.

Have you ever dreamt of finding something truly remarkable, a big catch that would perhaps earn you praise for months on end?

We’ve got you covered with a list of the best fish finders for catfish you can buy on the market right now.


Fishfinders even help you figure out the best spot to catch the most fish, as well as show anything from the school of fish to structures that are under the boat.

Want to learn more about finding the best fish finder for catfish?

Keep on reading. As the saying goes, “A bad day can be made better with some fishing time”, so wouldn’t the experience become even more memorable if you caught some fishes whenever you went fishing.

Sounds good right? In order to save you time, we’ve gathered all the relevant information and reviewed the top fish and depth finders on the market, along with the pros and cons of each.


So let’s get down to it as we have reviewed the best fish finders for 2020 along with the fish finder comparisons that will be super helpful:-

1- Humminbird HELIX 5 SI/GPS Combo



So the first fish finder we’ll be reviewing has been America’s favorite for about 40 years now. It introduced fishfinders, depth sounders, and marine radios and GPS systems to anglers.

With the help of its powerful transducer with CHIRP and temperature control, our finned friends will be safe from being found.
It even provides a feature that helps to screenshot or record the sonar which is useful especially when you’d want to review the footage later.

Sounds cool right?

Wait there’s more to it, greater visibility at night has also been made possible due to the display having an LED backlight, as well as IPX7, being waterproof.


Moreover, it is fairly easy to install along with having a feature like DualBeam+ Side Imaging plus Down Imaging and even a Micro SD card slot.


But if we look into the negative side, it’s only limited to 100 feet depth capability and even doesn’t include an AutoChart Live. So if you require a larger unit with great sonar features and GPS, this is a great unit.

  • CHIRP Digital Sonar/DualBeam PLUS;
  • Easy to use multi-touch interface;
  • High-quality images/screen resolution;
  • The Humminbird UniMap is a built-in map;
  • Built-in GPS;
  • Make a map where there is no map with AUTOCHART LIVE;
  • one micro SD card slot;
  • Up-gradable Software ;
  • Includes worldwide based map;
  • LED Backlight;
  • Basic mapping of geography and no water depth charts;
  • Limited chart data for freshwater



2- Reel Sonar Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder



In today’s world, everyone prefers quick results and getting a suitable product is at our fingertips, as phones are becoming the medium of every possible need of ours, sounds familiar right?

Similarly, this unit is famous due to its convenience. Bluetooth features and the use of a phone in order to use it.


There’s more to it not only does it have a 10+ hour battery life but it also links with IOS Apple (10.0) and Android 4.3 that use Bluetooth Smart (4.0).

Furthermore patented sonar fish identifier technology along with LED beacon makes it a great choice. Not only this, it even has a battery life of 10 plus hours and a free app on both IOS and Android that saves money.

Being compatible with Google Watch and iWatch, it offers features like depth-tagged fish icons color-coded by size, waterbed and structure contour mapping,

Bluetooth smart sync up to a distance of 100’ for best battery life, Trip log with water temperature and types of fish caught, fish and strike alarms make this fish finder a convenient and portable choice amongst the rest of the fish finders as most of us want our phones to get the job done.


  • Can be used for Almost All Types of Fishing

  • Find Fish Effectively

  • Long Battery Hours

  • Portable Size

  • Superb Scanning Capabilities

  • The iBobber Fish Finder is Affordable

  • This Device Can Connect to Any Gadgets that You Have

  • Some customers who bought the fish finder would state that their device won’t connect to their phones or tablets. This could be because of the defective Bluetooth connection of either the tablet or the fish finder.

  • Second, whenever you’re smartphones received phone calls while it is connected with the fish finder, there is a possibility that the connection might get lost and you need to start connecting with it all over again.

  • There are also occasions when the iBobber fish finder will misread the depth of the water and mistagged the location of the fishes.

  • Lastly, since there are times when the connection is challenging, you need to bring your mobile device near the water to attempt to reconnect it again. With this, your device is at risk of getting wet or dropping at the water.


3- Lowrance 000-11448-001 Elite-3X Fish Finder



Next is this product which has been excelled with innovative technology, it’s time-saving and offers an exact GPS reading.

Awesome capacity with a long journey is a bonus!

Now coming to the pros of this fish finder such as perfect locations would be easy to detect along with an LED-backlit which offers colored images, navigation during any situation and swallow water covered underwater fully it would experience better fishes.

Besides this, the dual-frequency provides ultimate images from the underwater.

But as every coin has a flip side this too has some cons, For instance, it’s difficult to get the perfect reading due to some dots along with
angling in a realistic point. More than 20 feet from the surface the functionality isn’t ensured.

If you’re looking for a product with long-lasting features this is the one for you!


  • The LED-backlit helps to provide colored images with better perfection.
  • Easy to detect perfect locations with colorful images.
  • Easy to navigate during any situation and swallow water.
  • Dual Frequency dictates between 83 and 200 kHz sonar that keep your face smiling providing ultimate images from the underwater.
  • Covered underwater fully ensures to be experienced with better fishes.
  • Warranty service following the guidelines recognizes to retain its capacity and perfect durability.
  • Cons

  • The capacity it allocates not ensures the functionality of more than 20 feet from the surface. Some dots can make the situation hard to get perfect reading and underwater coverage. The limitation can make hindrance during angling in a realistic point.



4- Garmin Striker Plus 4 with Dual Beam



Okay, we can guess what you’re thinking; what if you could find a fish finder that is easy to carry and also has the innovative features that work the best for you.

We’ve found the perfect model for you to get into the market as it’s really easy to install. Despite the small size, the 4.3-inch diagonal display provides quality imagery.

It has a high sensitivity GPS built-in with great speed and a split-screen mode and one of the pros also being Quickdraw Contours. Being IPX7 waterproof and capable of 50/77/83/200 kHz base frequencies is cherry on the top.

However, there are a few drawbacks such as it doesn’t come with a cover or an NMEA port.

In our opinion, if an accurate GPS and a small quality fish finder is your top priority this is the one for you.


  • Large display of 4.3 inches
  • Includes GPS navigation system
  • Garmin Quickdraw Contours Mapping
  • Made from rugged materials making it usable in every condition
  • Built-in dual-beam transducer for high definition images
  • There is no cover included with the package
  • Doesn’t come with an NMEA port




5- Lowrance Fish Hunter PRO


Being the size of a tennis ball, it’s packed with features such as raw, fish and ice flasher view, spotting fish under any circumstances. So let’s take a closer look at all the benefits of it first being the LED light so you can see the unit.

Moreover it could easily be stored as it’s a small unit and all you need is a reliable Wi-Fi and no data connection. The best feature however is the tri-frequency transducer which helps in achieving the highest resolution.

Last but not the least if you want to share your catches with the friends the fish hunter app will help you to do so, however all you’ll need is a smartphone and Wi-Fi to use it.

It definitely is one of the best choices as a fish finder that’s small but also covers a greater area. And here’s our list for the best fish finders you can buy right now, with all their best qualities.

We hope this comparison has proven to be immensely helpful in making up your mind.

  • Amazing 3 inches color display that can be viewed from wide angles and under full sunlight.
  • ASP reduces the need to manually adjust every single time.
  • Operates in dual frequencies to cover larger areas.
  • Can’t be used over 10 MPH on the boat.

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