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How to Read Your Fishfinder

Since I myself regularly fish with my fishfinder, I often feel lost without it. A good fishfinder not only detect fish but provide a variety of useful information in addition. Knowing how to read the fishfinder properly and apply that information to fishing likely will definitely improve the productivity. Today I’m gonna take Lowrance Elite-4x DSI to explain how to read your fishfinder, you’ll find it not a difficult task.

1. First of first, read through the guide. Lowrance has put together a clear guide to understand your fish finder readings and how to make sense of them all.
2. The line on the left side of screen and digit indicate the depth. This is the most important information to most anglers.
3. As we mentioned in the previous review, you can take advantage of the trackback feature to review your sonar history. Simply press the keypad to the left until the screen starts to move in reverse and then the sonar history bar appears at the bottom of the screen.
4. Examine the bottom to see the character of bottom or if there is anything on the bottom, or growing from it.
5. Now here is the most exciting part. You’ll note some fish like shapes or icons, other brands like Humminbird may use fish ID as well. Icons that are grouped together often indicate a school of fish.

At last here are some pictures to help you better interpret the readings. And a Youtube guide is also included.